• May 24, 2017
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    James R. Hoffa Memorial College Student Essay
    06/01/17 - Teamsters Local Union No. 677
    2017 ESSAY CONTEST James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund All Applications must be sent to the Local Union Hall for approval by June 1, 2017. 1871 Baldwin Street, Waterbury, CT 06706 (Printable applicaiton below) GOOD LUCK.
    A Note from the Office 5/23/17
    05/23/17 - IATSE Local 33
    ATTENTION If you are working the Inglewood Forum tonight - allow yourself extra time due to heightened security.
    Letter from National Director Regarding SWA Shareholder Meeting
    05/23/17 - AMFA
    May 23 -- During negotiations with Southwest Airlines (SWA) our members have not reaped any of the rewards of year-over-year record profits. Since the amendable date of our contract, August 16, 2012, the sacrifices for AMTs have far outweighed the Company’s financial record profit success. Since 2012, shareholders and SWA executives have been profiting off their returns from stock repurchases and dividends, while our members have not benefited or received improvements in wages, benefits, or compensation that reflects the Company’s strong financial stance.
    Letter from National Director Regarding SWA Shareholder Meeting
    05/23/17 - AMFA
    Dear SWA Members: During negotiations with Southwest Airlines (SWA) our members have not reaped any of the rewards of year-over-year record profits. Since the amendable date of our contract, August 16, 2012, the sacrifices for AMTs have far outweighed the Company’s financial record profit success.
    Safety on Railroad Bridges
    05/23/17 - Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen
    The FAMES Committee has reviewed the available data from 14 railroad bridge fall accidents, in which 12 fatalities and 2 serious injuries occurred. Given that bridge workers constitute a small percentage of the railroad worker population, this is a significant number. Unsecured walkways/gratings were the primary cause in one-half of the fatal accidents and serious injuries.
    Orenco Clinic and Tuality IT Transfer to OHSU
    05/23/17 - Local 328, Oregon AFSCME Council 75
    The last few months have seen some changes in the partnership between Tuality and OHSU. Earlier this year OHSU acquired the Orenco clinic and their employees, and, effective June 3rd, OHSU will acquire Tuality IT employees. As well as becoming OHSU employees the transferring Tuality employees also become employees represented by AFSCME Local 328.
    Website Under Construction
    05/23/17 - AFSCME Local 1180
    Hello, I am Kylen Brewer and I am the Administrator of the local 1180 website. Our website is currently undergoing some renovations and I'm working diligently to get the changes completed quickly. If you have any suggestions about what kind of content you would like to see uploaded feel free to email me at Kbrewer@cityoftulsaemployees.org.
    Kings Island Tickets
    05/23/17 - Teamsters Local 175
    Our Sister 'Lola" Vaitai
    05/23/17 - TWU Local 513
    TWU International Letter on Equity Decision
    05/23/17 - TWU Local 568
    Dear Members: Yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit affirmed the decision of the District Court for the Northern District of California that dismissed two class action complaints challenging TWU’s method of distributing shares of post-bankruptcy American Airlines stock.
    Report: A State That Works for Everyone
    05/23/17 - AFSCME Council 17
    An effective state government with well-funded public services is essential to building a better Louisiana. Unfortunately, the people of Louisiana have already seen too many cuts to the public services that we all need.
    05/23/17 - Teamsters Local 179
    At the May General Membership meeting, the membership voted to cancel the June General Membership meeting because it conflicts with Father's Day. The next General Membership meeting will be held on Sunday, July 16, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.
    05/23/17 - Teamsters Local 179
    Avaya Bankruptcy Call
    05/23/17 - CWA Local 2222
    The CWA will host a Town Hall call to update everyone on the Avaya bankruptcy proceedings. This call will be held Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at 7PM EST. To join the call, dial 888-636-3807 and use participant code 2955473. Please let your Avaya counterparts and retired members know about this call as well. CWA attorney, Sharon Levine, will be available to answer pre-submitted questions.
    Women Wanted for Union Summer School
    05/23/17 - AFSCME Local 2067
    The Women's Committee is sponsoring up to 9 women members to attend this year's AFL-CIO/LERC Union Summer School, August 4-6 in Eugene on the Campus of the University of Oregon.  The application can be found here.  All applicants must submit their application by June 1st which is right around the corner.
    NUHHCE Nurses Meeting in Philadelphia
    05/22/17 - New Mexico Hospital Workers Union
    05/22/17 - UFCW 1439
    To our members, We would like to let you know we are currently developing and designing a new improved website for YOU!  We welcome your suggestions.
    Local 162 / UPS Log Book
    05/22/17 - Teamsters Local 162
    The Local 162 / UPS Package Driver Daily Log Book is now available for download. This log book is an excellent tool for documenting your work day at UPS.  We recommend you use this log book each and every day and not just on OJS days.
    District 3 Caucus - Welcome NVP Phil Glover
    05/22/17 - AFGE 3rd District
    AFGE District 3 held their caucus this past weekend, May 20, 2017 at The Sheraton Station Square in Pittsburgh. Congratulations to new NVP Philip W.
    Change to MDAD SIDA Badge Renewal Process
    05/22/17 - TWU Local 568
    Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has changed the customs application process for MDAD ID renewal. Employees can no longer be fingerprinted and complete their customs application during their birth month.
    Equity Decision
    05/22/17 - TWU Local 568
    "The panel affirmed the district court's dismissal of two consolidated actions brought under the Railway Labor Act, alleging a union's breach of the duty of fair representation in the decision to distribute the proceeds of a bankruptcy settlement to all of its members unevenly.
    Free Bus for Working Families Summit
    05/22/17 - Iowa Postal Workers Union
    Postal Press Conference in Des Moines Iowa
    05/22/17 - Iowa Postal Workers Union
    June Membership Meeting
    05/22/17 - NJLESA
    FYI:  The June general membership meeting will be held on June 7, 2017 at 6pm at Cilantro's Restaurant in Wrightstown, NJ.  If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Thorpe at 609-706-2587.
    Statement on Reports that Trump’s Budget Will Contain Cuts to Social Security & Medicaid
    05/22/17 - Queens Area Local AMERICAN POSTAL WORKERS UNION AFL-CIO
    The following is a statement from Nancy Altman, President of Social Security Works, in reaction to reports that Donald Trump’s budget will contain cuts to Medicaid and Social Security: “Donald Trump’s frequent promises to protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid were a cornerstone of his campaign.
    APWU Stands in Solidarity with Striking AT&T Retail Workers
    05/22/17 - Queens Area Local AMERICAN POSTAL WORKERS UNION AFL-CIO
    Across 36 states and the District of Columbia, 40,000 AT&T retail workers walked off the job on Friday, May 19, because a tentative agreement could not be reached between AT&T Mobility and the Communication Workers of America (CWA). The strike is slated to last 3 days. Visit http://unityatattmobility.org to learn more.
    Maintenance Craft Agreement with USPS Resolving Line H Dispute
    05/22/17 - Queens Area Local AMERICAN POSTAL WORKERS UNION AFL-CIO
    The Postal Service and the Maintenance Division of the APWU signed an agreement resolving a national level dispute regarding custodial hours on line H of Form 4852 (case number Q15T-4Q-C 17274095). The issue in the case is “the determination of compliance with item 6 of the July 9, 2014 TL-5 MOU.
    Right To Work Rally
    05/21/17 - Teamsters Local 776
    Local 776 Scholarship Winners
    05/21/17 - Teamsters Local 776
    Local 776 is proud to announce the 2017 winners of two Local 776 scholarships. The winners, selected in a raffle drawing at the May monthly membership meeting are the following: Roseann Vrabel daughter of Richard Vrabel - a Local 776 member who works at ABF Brian Shermeyer son of Mark Shermeyer - a Local 776 member who works at UPS. Congratulations to our two winners.
    Executive Board takes the Oath of Office
    05/21/17 - Charlotte Area Local APWU
    The newly elected Executive Board takes the Oath of Office administered by NBA Pat Davis-Weeks on May 20, 2017 at our local union meeting.
    Newly Elected Executive Board Takes Oath of Office
    05/21/17 - Charlotte Area Local APWU
    President Anthony "Tony" Wilson and the newly elected executive board take the oath of office at the union meeting on May 20, 2017. Updates to our web site will occur over the next few weeks and months.
    Newly Elected EB takes the Oath of Office
    05/21/17 - Charlotte Area Local APWU
    Anthony "Tony" Wilson has been elected president of the Charlotte Area Local. Tony and the entire executive board were sworn-in on Saturday by NBA Pat Davis-Weeks. This web site will continue to be updated with new information and contact information over the next week or so.
    Agricultural visas for construction work don't serve our community
    05/21/17 - Great Plains Laborers' District Council
    A thoughtful piece from Fortunato Salamone on why importing construction workers hurts communities, especially rural ones. http://www.rrstar.
    AT&T Mobility Strike
    05/20/17 - Communications Workers of America Local 2336
    Good morning Sisters and Brothers, the AT&T Mobility Strike went well throughout the country yesterday. They've closed 3 stores here in D.C. as a result. Join us on the line today and help our Sisters & Brothers gain a fair contract.
    AT&T Mobility Strike
    05/20/17 - Communications Workers of America Local 2336
    AT&T Mobility Strike
    05/20/17 - Communications Workers of America Local 2336
    AT&T Mobility Strike
    05/20/17 - Communications Workers of America Local 2336
    Death of Member
    05/19/17 - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 1205
    We regretfully inform you that Retired Member Ralph "Buck" Hill passed away on Thursday, May 18th.  He was a member of the EDBF and has been asigned number 117.  Please see the below obituary for service arrangments.
    Letter to Glen Post from Senator Victor Torres
    05/19/17 - CWA Local 3176
    Brothers and Sisters, We wanted to share with you that our state politicians are together with us in our fight with CenturyLink.
    AT&T Missoula Hiring
    05/19/17 - IBEW Local 768
    AT&T Call Center Is Hiring. Click Here Looking for work, or do you have a spouse, graduating child, friend or neighbor in Missoula looking for a good Union Job? Check out the AT&T call center in Missoula. WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? Start with the Paycheck:  Customer Service Representatives earn between $22,880.00 to $32,406.40 per year to start.
    Teamsters: Don’t Trade Overtime for Comp Time
    05/19/17 - Teamsters local 570
    May 19, 2017  | WAGES | Lawmakers who cozy up to corporate America love to sponsor legislation that to the uninitiated might sound like a good thing for workers, but in the end is just another pathway for big business to line their pockets with even higher profits.
    Strike at AT&T Mobility
    05/19/17 - CWA 2201
    As of 3PM, AT&T Mobility is officially ON STRIKE!!!!!! All Mobility employees should vacate their work location and report for picket duty at 3PM. AT&T must be shown that the workers make the company run and that we deserve fair treatment and compensation. SOLIDARITY FOREVER! As of 3PM, AT&T Mobility is officially ON STRIKE.
    Town of Prospect Municipal Employees & Supervisors Vote to Join UPSEU
    05/19/17 - UPSEU
    We are pleased to announce that on May 9, 2017, the Town of Prospect Municipal Employees and the Town of Prospect Supervisors voted in 2 separate Connecticut State Board of Labor Relations secret ballot elections to join UPSEU.
    U2 Out
    05/19/17 - IATSE Local 33
    ATTENTION: ANYONE WORKING THE “OUT” AT THE ROSE BOWL SUNDAY NIGHT - MAY 21, 2017. You will need to pick up your parking pass and wristband at the corner of Orange Grove and Green St in Pasadena. (This will be behind the Elks Lodge at 400 W. Colorado Blvd.) You may begin picking up passes at 8:00 p.m.
    Paraeducator of the Year
    05/19/17 - UPSEU
    SSAL 3844 Mobile App Launched!
    05/19/17 - South Shore Area Local #3844
    The SSAL 3844 mobile app is now launched! The app can be downloaded by clicking the link on the Apple App Store or Android app on Google play. Just enter "SSAL 3844" in the search engine, click and follow the instructions to install. It just that easy! You will have access to the information on the SSAL3844.org website from the convenience of your mobile phone.
    CWA Announces Strike
    05/19/17 - CWA Local 2222
    CWA has announced a strike for AT&T Mobility as of 3pm Friday May 19th to the morning of Monday May 22nd. Local 2222 is requesting all members join to show our support on the picket lines to help fight for a fair contract.
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